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あれはアルバトロス - Are wa Albatross


Friends Only!
Komu Dancin' Crazy 2

Unfortunately due to the amount of spam comments I've been getting on public entries, I've decided to friends lock my LJ. But do not fear! If you'd like to be friends, just comment here. I'm always open to new friends, especially if we share the same interests.

My journal is a mix of fandom things, mostly Takarazuka and Asami Hikaru with a dash of Sailor Moon, RuPaul's Drag Race/various queens who have been on it, and some others mixed in and personal entries about me and my life. I'll have a few public entries from time to time, but you should add me if you'd like to know what I'm really about.

Don't hesitate to comment, the more the merrier :D